In the contractor business, amazing products and quality equipment mean little if you don’t have a skilled contractor to use them. The James Hardie Alliance realizes this, which is why they have created a unique program that brings together the best contractors in the US just for you.

If you want an experienced and reliable pro and a guarantee that a job will be done well, look no further. All you need is a James Hardie preferred contractor.

What Is the James Hardie Contractor Alliance Program?

This program has one clear purpose: to match homeowners across the country with the best contractors in the field. Whether you want help with renovations or any type of replacement, the program will find you a contractor most suitable for your needs.

James Hardie wants nothing other than perfection for all its customers. Thus, all their contractors have to be fully trained professionals with a great track record. Experience and knowledge go hand in hand, so the program only accepts those with both.

How Can Someone Qualify to Be a Part of the Program?

There are several requirements someone must meet to become a part of the alliance.

Background Checks

Firstly, they need to have proof of excellent results in their field. Satisfied customers should back up the proof and give their opinion on the service. For a contractor to become eligible, at least six past customers must be consulted. They must all be happy with the work done for them and willing to hire the candidates again.

Business Requirements

The contractors must also receive regular installation audits by James Hardie. Compliance with Installation Best Practices is, thus, also a must. Finally, they must have a good record with the BBB or a similar accredited agency. That way, you can be sure they are indeed the best.


Potential contractors must meet various criteria when it comes to insurance. Namely, they need to maintain liability insurance of at least $1,000,000 per case at all times. They also need to have workman’s compensation insurance in states where the law requires it.

Professional Sales Approach

Last but not least, candidates must implement a professional sales approach. Integrity and devotion to customers are of utmost importance for the alliance. So, anyone who is not willing to do business this way cannot be a part of the program.

How Are Contractors Assessed?

The job still isn’t done after someone meets all the criteria above and gets a James Hardie siding installation. For them to become a part of the alliance, an independent surveying service must also assess their work. The services are not related to James Hardie in any way to ensure a fair assessment.

These services assess the contractors by asking for opinions and advice from customers. Customers provide info about the service, whether they were satisfied, and whether everything was as high-quality as the alliance requires.

Customers also give info about the character of the contractors. The program only accepts those who are cordial, easy to work with, and who listen to the input and advice of those that hire them. Since this alliance is fully dedicated to customer satisfaction, this part of the feedback is just as vital as the quality of the service.

The feedback the customers provide has the final say in who becomes a preferred James Hardie contractor. Thus, it is safe to say that for this alliance, customers always come first.