Replacement Vs. Repair (The Pros & Cons)

There are many pros and cons to consider when one has to decide whether to repair their damaged roof or replace the entire thing. Some variables to consider is how old the roof currently is, or even if you are planning on selling your home as it affects curb appeal and resale value.

Pros of Replacing Your Roof

The upsides of replacing a roof is that you get all new and quality materials all the way down to the wood decking on the roof which means that the ice and water barrier, underlayment, and shingles would all be new and would last longer overall. Having this all done by professionals who can ensure that the roof is installed correctly according to the manufacturer would also mean that it would be set up to last. A roof replacement often comes with a warranty that depending on the company and the materials used, can be anywhere from 5 years to a lifetime warranty. If you’re wondering How Long Should A Replacement Roof Last, click here. Replacing your roof also can be a factor if one is looking to sell their home in the near future, as this majorly affects the curb appeal and resale value of the house. By replacing you could see a major return on the cost of the roof in resale value.

Cons of Replacing Your Roof

The biggest issue with replacing the roof is the large price tag that one might not have in their budget. Though this can be a big drawback, there are different options for people regarding financing. See our “How to Pay for My Roof” located in our learning center. Paying for a replacement may be more out of pocket now, but in the long run could save you thousands over the life of your roof.

Pros of Repairing Your Roof

When it comes to repairs, the upside is that sometimes it is only a simple fix which can be relatively quick and much more inexpensive than replacing the whole roof. Choosing to repair the damage can lengthen the life of your roof until it needs a full replacement.

Cons of Repairing Your Roof

The problem with repairs is that sometimes the materials of the old roof aren’t as high quality as the new materials or perhaps the original install was not completed properly. With that said, you are tying in new with old and that comes with no guarantees. Repairs only have limited or no warranties which means that certain future damage or leaks may not be covered and even more money will have to be spent to repair the roof.

Ask questions to your roofing expert, allowing you to make the best decision based on your needs and budget.