Your Home Can be Festive Without Damaging the Roof: Here’s HOW

One of our favorite scenes from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is when Clark Griswold easily creates the most festive home on the block! However, his technique needs some improvements. If you’re planning to put decorations on your roof, you know how to avoid costly repairs post-holidays.

Fortunately, we at M&M Home Remodeling have a few tips for you. Here’s how to have the most festive house in the neighborhood without risking roof damage.

Forgo Staples and Opt for Clips and Anchors Instead

Finally, when decorating the roof, we have to mind how we’re putting up the decorations as well. Logic says that staples are one of the sturdiest solutions, but in terms of roofs, they’re the worst choice!

Each staple will create gaps or holes in the seals that are supposed to keep water at bay. That could put our home at risk of moisture damage later on. Yes, not much water would be able to seep through those holes, but they would allow for mold and mildew growth, not to mention air transfer.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution: we can use clips and anchors instead. In case we want to add some Christmas lights to the roof edges, plastic clips and ties should do the trick. If we’re also eager to put up some inflatable decorations, we can tie them down to nearby objects or use weighted anchors to keep them secure.

Mind the Weight

If we do want to put up some decorations on the roof, we must calculate the total weight first! Going in it with the “It’ll be fine!” attitude may be just as lighthearted as the holidays, but it could cost us a lot later on. The stress the decorations can put on shingles, supports, and the whole roof structure is just not worth the risk. Of course, some decor is fine, but it should be lightweight and easy to set up and take down.

Consider Decorating the Lawn Instead

Those of us who want to go all out this Christmas, putting up both Frosty and Santa’s sleigh on the roof, might add considerable weight on the roof along with any snowfall which could cause damage to shingles through the Holiday.

Instead, we should switch things up by putting most of the decorations on the lawn. Since it’s flat, it’s easier to set up the decor just the way we want it. We don’t even have to climb anywhere and endanger ourselves. Plus, the lawn doesn’t play much of a role when it comes to the home structure. It won’t pose much threat to your house by potentially causing damage to the roof.

M&M Home Remodeling is Here to Help

In case you see any damage from a previous homeowner or you have accidental damage, contact M&M Home Remodeling. With years of experience behind us, our experts are sure to help you with any roofing concerns. This Christmas, let’s keep your home festive and undamaged from Christmas decorations.