Halloween approaches. However, just because the season is about decrepit, scary houses doesn’t mean that your house has to be in a decrepit state. So, while you’re humming that awesome theme from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas,’ we here at M&M have prepared a list of tips on how to improve your home.

What Is M&M?

M&M is based in Crete, Illinois, but we cover Chicago and NW Indiana. We’ve been active since 1976, helping people out with various home-related issues. Your home’s curb appeal has always been our top priority, which is one of the reasons behind this handy list of home improvement tips. 

How Do I Improve My Home?

Get the Right Siding

Faulty siding can lead to lots of damages. Your walls might look like they’re covered in supernatural goo or ectoplasm. For that reason, you might have to replace the siding you already have. With M&M, you have several high-quality options, including:

  • Budget-friendly vinyl siding
  • Insulated vinyl siding for energy efficiency
  • Strong and durable fiber cement siding
  • Replacement siding (because you need to cover up the bloody crime scene that was your old siding) 

Raise the Roof, Literally

It’s nice enough to have a Halloween decoration of a corpse on your roof. However, the last thing you need is a real corpse, i.e. someone slipping on a tile and dropping down a story or two, breaking their bones. After a discussion with our experts at M&M, we will give you a free price estimate and consultation. What will you do after that? It’s up to you but could include:

  • Swift and professional roof repairs
  • Complete roof replacement
  • Roof installation

The Windows to Your Soul

Not too many people will see awesome Halloween decorations through boarded-up, broken windows. More importantly, if they see that you’ve boarded them up, they’ll run away thinking a psychopath lives there. In other words, say bye-bye to trick-or-treaters.

But then again, we can breathe new life into your home by installing a new set of windows. Our offer includes:

  • Bow windows, for that extra bit of charm
  • Double-hung windows, for energy efficiency
  • Garden windows, for those of you with green thumbs (that you didn’t sever from someone else)
  • Picture windows, for the picturesque-minded homeowners

A Gutter Full of Guts

OK, you might not have actual guts in your gutters (at least we hope not), but they still require maintenance. That’s why M&M offers a premium gutter, gutter guard, soffits, and fascia installation service. In addition, we’ll replace any faulty gutters your home might suffer from and gift you with some long-awaited peace of mind. 

The Doors for that Quick Escape

A killer might be on the loose during Halloween. Are you inside? You’ll need the safest door on the market. Is the killer inside with you? Then you’ll need a functional door in order to escape.

M&M experts specialize in installation of entry doors for any occasion. Some of our options include:

  • Sliding patio doors with strong hinges
  • Weatherproof storm doors
  • Custom-made replacement doors
  • Good, old-fashioned entry doors with all the trimmings

Make sure to explore our current offers if you want to learn more about M&M’s frighteningly great Halloween deals. We’ll make sure that your new house is to die for (not literally, of course).