Instead of being just another home remodeling company, we at M&M see ourselves as one big family. As such, we have a long history that goes back decades. So, today, we would like to introduce you to Mike and Nick. Aside from being a father and a son, they are also the founders of M&M Home Remodeling Services.

The Early Days: A Humble but Ambitious Start

M&M’s story began in 1976, when Mike Yadron founded the company. Initially, he ran it from the basement of his home in South Holland, IL. Later, Yadron also rented a garage to store essential construction materials. 

During the first few years of its existence, M&M offered mainly roofing services. However, even back then, the company had a wide range of customers. Among them were residential, commercial, and industrial clients from Chicago and northwestern Illinois. 

The secret to M&M’s early success was that it placed customer satisfaction at the top of its priorities’ list. So, Mike always made sure to offer quality services at competitive prices. What’s more, he strived to turn every home improvement job into a well-planned project. As a result, the company’s customers did not have to deal with guess-work. 

M&M Over the Years: A Constant Growth

Throughout the years, M&M continued to attract new customers. Also, the company gained various industry accreditations from organizations like AWDI and NRCA.

Best of all, Mike took his business out of his basement and expanded it to two locations in Illinois. Soon after that, he and his team were able to cover more areas in Chicago and the Prairie State. 

Passing the Torch

In 2010, Mike appointed his son, Nick Yadron, as President of M&M. Despite his young age, Nick already possessed a fair amount of knowledge and experience in home remodeling. After all, he had been working in the company since 1997. Plus, Mike’s son had a degree in Building Construction Technology.

Still, according to Nick, his greatest business teacher has always been his father. Therefore, it’s not surprising that M&M’s new president now manages the company after his dad’s original vision. What’s more, he increased its sales and doubled its size in less than a decade on the job. 

M&M Today: Embracing Systematization and Innovation 

Today, thanks to father and son Mike and Nick, M&M’s family is bigger than ever before. Currently, we have a total of four business locations, and we cover many areas in Illinois and Indiana. 

Nick Yadron is still heading the company. Under his leadership, we managed to systemize every aspect of our work. By doing so, we are now able to provide our customers with consistent results. 

Also, Nick has “armed” us all with smart mobile technology. As a result, we can create proposals or execute contracts on the spot. So, our clients enjoy time-efficient home improvement solutions.

A Future of Endless Possibilities

Clearly, we at M&M are a family with traditions. Still, we are also one of the few home remodeling companies that embrace innovation. Therefore, this is only the start of Mike and Nick’s long line of excellence.