Why M&M Home Remodeling Uses The 9 Box

What even is the 9 Box?

To put it as simply, the 9 Box isan objective way to assess your talent, potential, and performance in the organization. It consists of three rows, depicting two concurrent directions of growth:

  1. Upward: Supportive behavior
  2. Forward: Directive behavior

These will help determine whether you are aD1, D2, D3, or D4 in your current role.

What does D1—4 Mean?

Delegating, Supporting, Coaching, and Directing! These are the four core elements behind D1, D2, D3, and D4. Lets Break That Down. . . 

D1. When you first start out in an organization— though you may be qualified in your role — there is still a lot to be learned about the ecosystem that is your new workplace. At this point in time, you would be considered a D1.

D2. After getting a bit more comfortable in your position, you might experience some growing pains. You know what you know, and in turn know what you don’t know, which can get frustrating. This would be categorized as a D2, with you requiring further support to better yourself in your position. 

D3. You know what it is you need to do, but don’t always have the ability to make it happen. You’ve got the technical knowhow, but not the confidence to lead it into fruition.

D4. You are a subject matter expert.

Your Job Description:
Ask yourself this, “if I was assessing each a
spect of my job from D1—4, where does each element land?” Having an objective way to rate your This is crucial in developing every person on staff into a strong leader, who is fully educated in every aspect of their position. 

Scorecard If you know everything, you have nothing to learn. If you have nothing left to learn, you have no room to grow. Now, you may be wondering how you would gage which aspects of your job you may be a D1, or D3 at. That is why we have developed scorecards for each and every position on staff; and for as Intimidating as that may sound, the scorecard isn’t just about assessing what you may or may not be doing right, but also giving us a clear
er look at your performance, allowing us to celebrate your growth along the way.

The Individual Development Plan is a way of putting pen to paper, preparing a path for you and your position to ensure you not only perfo
rm to the level the company would like you to, but also that you might be able achieve your own personal goals, and get where you want to be.

So what is the 9 Box? It’s a clear vision for not only the future of the entire corporation as a whole, but also each and every employee, individually, as we continue to grow, together.