Since 1976, M&M Home Remodeling Services has seen first-hand the damage a punishing winter can bring upon homes in Chicago and NW Indiana. The 2018-19 winter did not come gently into the night but instead left us shivering through the coldest temperatures in more than 40 years and left its mark on many homes by way of extreme wind storms, snowfall and ice.

Strong winds, for example, have the ability to lift shingles and once a whole corner of insulation is exposed, rain can get in and start to cause leaks and water damage. It’s imperative that as a home service provider we exist to serve under extreme weather conditions and do so with responsiveness, accuracy and the highest level of customer service.

I sat down with Jim Martin, M&M’s Vice President of Operations, to discuss our efforts specific to winter-related damage and why our responsiveness has become a fundamental differentiator for our business.

NY: Jim, in our industry getting a return call from a home service provider can be a challenge for many homeowners, especially following extreme weather conditions. It’s much harder to implement a strategy to respond and react to the overwhelming needs and maintain an excellent customer service rating.

JM: You’re right, Nick. It’s important to understand and recognize how a business reacts to crisis and extreme weather conditions is just as much a part of their DNA as is day-to-day protocol under normal weather conditions. At M&M, we have a strategic communications plan in place to collect leads, respond and service all within a timely manner that most homeowners say “exceeds expectations.” Our focus this year is on perfecting this crisis communications strategy and driving that accountability to make sure we’re living up to our commitments.

As a business owner with 120 employees and hundreds of thousands of customers, there is nothing more satisfying than to know we are providing confidence of action and responsiveness.

Thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to meeting you.

Nick Yadron

Nick Yadron, President & CEO