Listen & Respond

What is Listen & Respond?

Listen & Respond is our way to ensure that our customers always get a prompt response and are up to date on anything going on with their project. This policy guarantees that our customers will always get a response within 24 hours (with it often being much sooner than that). Whether it is a response to an initial inquiry, a billing question, clarification from a sales member, a customer review, or anything else, someone from M&M will reach out to acknowledge it. We value the relationship we have built with our customers since our start in 1976, and this policy keeps that trust through reliable communication.

Why was Listen & Respond Created?

The remodeling industry has not had the best reputation when it comes to communicating with the client. Unfortunately, it is many homeowners experience that a company will take a large down payment from them and then fail to contact them until days or weeks after. This causes unnecessary anxiety and stress on the homeowner and puts doubt in their minds about whether the company is capable of a safe install or if it could even be a scam.

At M&M we never want our customers to have any doubts about their project, so our Listen & Respond policy ensures that our customers get a quick reply every single time. Our call center takes and directs calls to the correct department so that they can get the most helpful response.


How does M&M Listen and Respond to Complaints?

One of our 5 core values is Excellence, and we believe that we need to always be making improvements to our company in order to maintain excellence. This is why we always genuinely listen to any concerns or complaints to see if there are any advancements that can be made. Our company guarantee is to provide satisfaction with every customer interaction, and reliable communication is an integral part of that.


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