If you’re planning to sell or remodel your house, make sure you refresh its exterior first. By updating the outside of your home, you’ll increase the property’s value and improve its appearance. We happen to know a thing or two about exterior house makeovers, specializing in ROOFING, WINDOWS, SIDING and more. So, to help you out, we’ll share some tips and tricks for taking back your home’s curb appeal this summer.

Best Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Although there are many quick ways to improve your house’s exterior, think on a larger scale. For instance, minor changes like repainting your mailbox won’t make a big difference. If you truly want to boost your home’s curb appeal, you’ll need to do more significant updates and changes. Let’s look at the home exterior improvements that really count.

Replace the Entry Doors

Replacing an entry door is among the cheapest home remodeling projects you can take on. Yet, it can easily make your house stand out among all other properties on your street. 

A custom statement door, for example, can add a unique personality to your home. Plus, it will improve the appearance of your entryway. So, a new front door will have a positive effect on both the exterior and interior of your property.

Today, you can pick from a wide array of designs and styles. The following door materials are the most common ones:

  • Steel 
  • Vinyl 
  • Wood
  • Fiberglass 

Still, make sure you opt for a door that is both trendy and secure. After all, while it is important to impress your passersby, it’s even more important to keep invaders at bay. 

Upgrade Your House’s Windows

Although installing new windows can improve the energy efficiency of your home, it won’t necessarily take back its curb appeal. To give your property a real makeover, pick a window design that compliments and brings attention to the home’s style. We can think of several types of windows that can transform the exterior of even the most dull-looking house. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Bow and bay windows — They can serve as a focal point of your property and give it a charming appearance.
  • Picture windows — Have an entire wall of picture windows for a more dramatic look. 
  • Double-hung windows — Go for these windows if you are looking to achieve a classic or a modern traditional style.
  • Casement windows — This is one of the most suitable options for modern and contemporary house exteriors.

Install New Siding

Replacing a property’s siding is one of the most valuable home remodeling projects because it offers a high investment return. Also, let’s not forget that a damaged siding is not only an eyesore. Over time, it can compromise the structural integrity of your home as well. 

Installing brand-new siding panels that will refresh the overall appearance of your house. Vinyl and fiber-cement sidings are affordable and durable, but insulated options are fantastic for the Windy City area.

Change the Gutters

Your old gutters can quickly damage your new siding. The best option here is to replace your house’s gutters completely. Still, if you’re on a tight budget, you can get gutter guards that make the maintenance process a breeze. 

Update the Roof 

The roof makes up a big part of your home’s exterior. So, even if a few shingles are missing, the house will fail to impress. In such cases, roofing repairs are a must if you want to regain your curb appeal. If this part of your home has rust and moss stains, consider using roof replacement services. 

Improving the exterior of your home is always a wise investment. With us from M&M Home Remodeling Services, investing in your curb appeal is more affordable than ever. Head over to our special offers page to see what we mean.