No homeowner wants to deal with the stress of an emergency roof repair in the middle of winter. While it’s difficult to completely eliminate the possibility of this event happening, you can greatly reduce the chances of cold weather roof damage. Preventative measures help ensure that your roof is well protected against wind, ice, and snow. At M&M Home Remodeling Services, we provide inspections for homeowners with estimates for any necessary roof repair services. Before you call us out, we suggest Crown Point homeowners also take these steps to prevent roofing emergencies.

Inspect the Gutters

Take a good look at your gutters. If you don’t feel comfortable using a ladder, you can still visually inspect from the ground for rusty spots, loose clamps and gutters, and signs that they are pulling away from the roof. All of these maintenance issues could lead to water overflowing into the siding or soffits and causing damage.

You’ll also want to have someone clean out the gutters about twice a year, once in spring and fall, to keep clogs from developing. Debris in the gutter causes water to back up, leading to overflow and ice dams that cause further damage.

Remove Icicles and Snow

If you have a heavy snow or ice storm, don’t leave heavy snow drifts or icicles on your roof. Homeowners can use a snow rake to pull snow from the roof and a simple hammer to carefully knock down those long icicles. Make sure you aren’t standing directly underneath the roof line when you do either. Falling snow and ice may lead to a mini avalanche. There are also companies that specialize in removing heavy snow from roofs. You may want to consider this option if you have a multistory property or a complex roof line.

Homeowners can also prevent the build up of ice and snow dams by installing additional attic insulation to keep your roof cool. Otherwise, the roof can warm enough on sunny days for partially melted snow to slide down to the eaves before refreezing as ice.

Get a Roof Inspection

One of the easiest methods for preventing future roof damage is to simply get a roof inspection and take care of any minor repairs. An M&M roofing contractor also has the equipment and know-how needed to get up on the roof for a closer look. Find out where you have missing shingles, flashing, or even damaged vents that may hinder proper air flow. We’ll also provide an in depth price estimate for any roof repair.

If you are concerned about the integrity of your roof and whether or not it will stand up to the winter weather, give M&M Home Remodeling Services a call. We have licensed and certified roof contractors who will give you an honest assessment and make suggestions to prevent any emergency roof repairs. You can also fill out our online contact form to request a free quote from our Crown Point, Indiana roofing company.