Since the beginning of the pandemic a new term has arrived titled “The Great Resignation” and the labor market has been turned upside down. You can see it through the help wanted signs up and down every street you turn onto. You can feel it through the chaos in your favorite understaffed restaurants. Roughly 33 million Americans have voluntarily quit their jobs since the spring of 2021. As a result of how much time people have had to themselves during the pandemic, they now have a different perspective on how they want their lives to look. They gained a significant appreciation for time, family, and life outside of work.

The problem we are seeing with the job market today is that too many companies are not seeing the different perspective the candidates have, as they are expecting things to go back to normal. Employees are feeling overworked, under-valued, unappreciated and uninspired which is leading them to look for other opportunities. As a result, the Great Resignation continues on until employers and employees realize things are not the same. Things have changed significantly since the start of the pandemic; shifts to online platforms, remote work-from-home, and hybrid schedules have all changed the landscape of working a typical 9 to 5 office job today. Whether you’re seeking a job or looking for employees, the Great Resignation affects you. Employers have a great opportunity to change their ways to make the workplace a more favorable place for all employees.

There are simple steps employers can take to not be a victim of the Great Resignation. Create an atmosphere where your employees are in a job that is moving in a forward direction. Let your workers know there are opportunities for growth beyond their current position. Offer training and other resources so they don’t feel stuck. Take the initiative to accommodate your workers and cultivate an environment that makes your workers excited to come into work. Make sure you have a relationship that consists of trust between you and your employees, hold communicative meetings regularly, and treat them with the same respect you expect.

Candidates seeking employment have a responsibility also. Do your homework! Show up prepared for the interview. Before hitting the “Apply Here” button, find a company that aligns with your values and one that offers meaningful work that you can take pride in. Discuss new skills or interests you developed in your time off? Employers love to connect with those who continually seek ways to grow personally and share some common values.

Spend time in the interview process getting to know each other and see if you really connect. Is there a great match? Do you both care about the same values? Is the work purposeful? Is there a clear path for the future together?  If you are able to both mutually engage in a great interview process, then ending this Great Resignation can become a reality.

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