Though many homeowners would love to finally get into their swimsuits and jump into a pool, there are some pressing matters that need to be addressed before enjoying the summer. If you don’t take the time to check up on your roof and make sure it’ll handle the sometimes unpredictable summer weather, you risk further problems down the line.

Not to worry, though; we’ve prepared the ultimate checklist for roof maintenance in the summer. Just go through these one step at a time, and your roof should stay in top-notch condition.

1. Book That Annual Inspection

Everyone knows that problems don’t solve themselves, and that’s especially true when it comes to roofing. If there are any leaks, damaged shingles, or clogged gutters, we should deal with them before they become our worst nightmare. 

That’s why we do recommend booking an annual inspection when summer rolls in. By fixing whatever is downgrading the quality of your roof now, you may save a lot of money on repair bills later on, purely because you dealt with the damage on time!

2. Check Your Insurance Policy

If you live in a particularly stormy area, don’t forget to check your insurance policy for any gaps. Since heavy rain and strong winds are rather unpredictable, your house is at a huge risk of damage. Unfortunately, if there are any gaps in the coverage, you may have a hard time covering all the costs. 

In the end, if we don’t want to go into debt because of our damaged roof, we have to think in advance. Therefore, we must take inventory of our home and photos of its condition, and meet with an insurance agent to resolve any potential issues.

3. Clean Out the Gutters

Blocked gutters are no joke, that’s for sure. Indeed, if the gutters are clogged, standing rainwater can damage our home since it’s not able to flow off the roof. 

That can lead to a variety of issues, from mold growth in the walls (if the water goes over the exterior walls) and ground oversaturation (which may cause cracks in the foundation) to shingle, fascia, and soffit damage. Luckily, we can prevent all of those if we tackle the gutters on time and clear them out!

4. Switch Out Any Damaged Shingles

And speaking of shingles, whether they are damaged or simply missing, we should deal with them quickly. If we don’t, there’s no telling what could happen to our roof since it will be exposed to the elements. 

The roof is extremely vulnerable if there are gaps or holes. In that case, strong winds could easily damage it further and even lead to water damage. Besides, it’s evident that replacing just some shingles rather than the whole roof is the more affordable solution. However, it will only work if we do the repairs timely!

5. Make Sure There Are No Leaks

Interior damage can be challenging to deal with, especially if one small leak becomes much bigger due to poor maintenance. Therefore, before summer ends, we must check the roof for any leaks. If there are some and we don’t deal with them on time, we risk wall, insulation, and foundation damage, not to mention electrical wiring issues.

6. Put Some Effort Into Tree Maintenance

Finally, you will also need to deal with any surrounding trees. They shouldn’t be too high or wide (trim them to ensure a six feet clearance). You ought to remove any dead or weak branches as soon as possible as well.

In the right conditions, a tree could fall onto the roof, which may not only be costly to fix but dangerous too. Alternatively, the branches may damage the shingles and the protective coating, as well as cause granule loss. In the end, there’s no reason to risk this kind of damage, especially if all it takes to prevent it is some tree maintenance!

Call M&M Home Remodeling 

Want to enjoy your summer without worrying that you’ll literally lose the roof over your head? This checklist will help you keep your roofing in mint condition. But even if there’s some damage, there’s no need to despair. M&M Home Remodeling has got your back. Get a free estimate now and ensure your roof stays strong through every season, rain or shine!