When we think about houses we usually imagine a roof, door, and some windows. But there is something most American homes have in common — vinyl. According to a survey conducted by the Census Bureau, the most popular house exterior used is vinyl. Although, when it comes to maintaining vinyl —  painting vinyl siding vs replacing seems to be a hot topic. 

Vinyl Painting

Even though in the past most paints would simply not stick to vinyl, nowadays there are multiple options on the market. It’s important to note that, like any painting, vinyl requires some preparations before being ready. 


In the past, paint would simply not stick to vinyl, however now there are multiple options on the market. It’s important to note that, like any painting, vinyl requires some preparations before being ready. 


When it comes to painting, acrylic seems to be the most used option. You should also first test the paint on a small area and see if it sticks well. If everything seems in order, you can start painting. Always paint lengthwise and let each coat dry before applying the next one.

Costs and Warnings

Even though painting might seem like the easier, better solution, it’s worth noting that paint is not always the best way to go. If your vinyl is damaged, no amount of paint will hide the flaws. If you opt for painting, keep in mind that you’ll have to redo it every five or so years. Altogether you might end up spending more money painting every few years than a one-time vinyl replacement.

Vinyl Replacement

All in all, more people choose to replace their vinyl rather than to paint it. That is mostly thanks to the overall quality and craftsmanship available on the market. There are, however, some things to keep in mind when thinking about vinyl replacement.


While it may seem like it would involve a bigger investment, vinyl replacement has actually been getting cheaper lately. Thanks to an increasing interest in vinyl, the prices have been dropping dramatically. Add the fact that it doesn’t need to be replaced every few years, and you are actually saving more money than you would with painting.


Let’s face it, old vinyl has a certain look to it. No matter the amount of paint you put over it, there is always that one crack that never seems to fade. It’s better to consider replacing siding if all you do is paint over cracks. 

Painting Vinyl Siding vs Replacing: The Conclusion

Overall, it seems like replacing vinyl is actually cheaper and easier than painting. With so many options on the market, there is an offer perfect for any budget. If you decide to go for a replacement, give M&M Home Remodeling Services a try! 

We take care of everything your house needs — from free estimation to the actual project and beyond. Save money with our current offers and relax while our professionals do all the work. Our lifetime warranty is proof of the high-quality siding we offer. Add in our big array of colors and give your house a new look. With M&M, painting vinyl siding vs replacing has only one winner: you!