Telltale Signs of Hail Roof Damage

Depending on its size and velocity, hail can certainly do a lot of damage to a roof. It can crack shingles, dent metal flashing, or even puncture the roof, causing permanent damage and thousands of dollars in repairs.

That being said, you need to check up on your roof after every hailstorm. If you notice any of the signs that we listed below, make sure you get in touch with M&M Home Remodelling as soon as possible. The sooner you attend to the damage, the better. 

And if you don’t do anything about it, the problem will only worsen with time. Eventually, you’ll notice leaks on your ceiling and walls.

Long story short — in case of a hailstorm, be observant and prepared to act quickly if necessary.

How to Tell If There’s Any Roof Damage

As we mentioned, the damage depends on the size of the hail. Small, pea-sized hail most likely won’t cause any noticeable changes. On the other hand, larger hail might break tiles and shingles. 

Whatever the extent of hail damage, make sure you take “before and after” pictures of your house to help back up your insurance claim. 

In General 

Before climbing up to check on the roof, make sure you do a ground check first. Obviously, if you notice parts of your roof scattered around your yard, that probably means that it’s damaged.

Also, make sure you inspect the surrounding objects — fences, gutters, vents, air conditioners, etc. If they’re compromised, the roof is most likely compromised too.

Finally, check the metal components of your roof (such as vents and flashing) and see if there are any scratches and dents.

Asphalt Roofs

First of all, you should check the gutters. If you notice roof granules in there, it’s time to move on to the roof itself. Look for scratches, round dents, and exposed felt, as they’re telltale signs that your roof was damaged by hail.

Slate Roofs

Ceramic or stone barriers of a slate roof should be able to endure a few punches here and there. However, this roof is far from safe when it comes to hailstorms.

Outright holes in the tiles indicate that the hail has managed to break through the roof. On the other hand, scratches and cracks mean that the hail has only grazed the roof. Still, that might have caused the tiles to loosen up, which also requires repairs. Additionally, you might want to check if the corners of the roof have been chipped or cracked.

Call M&M Home Remodelling Today and Get a Free Estimate 

As soon as you notice any of these signs, contact M&M Home Remodelling Services and get a free estimate. We’ve been in the business for over 40 years, so there’s no roofing problem that’s too big for us. 

If you submit your request before 11 am, you can get a same-day appointment. That way, you don’t have to wait a whole day, you can attend to the issue immediately. As we already know, time is precious when it comes to hail damage.